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Contract Based Hiring

Executive Director

Temporary Staffing or Contract based hiring refers to those employees who are hired for a certain period of time ranging from a few months to as long as year or more. Business Enterprises need temporary staffing solutions to maintain a smooth workflow for their on-going complex business projects.

Benefits Of Temporary/Contract Based Hiring Services → Easy Hiring Our business enterprise doesn’t need to search for the candidates, screen their resumes and take interviews. You just need to hand over all your hiring responsibilities to us and we will look after each and every step of temporary hiring. This saves time of our clients.

→ Affordable We provide affordable temporary staffing solutions for your business organization. You don’t need to spend a single penny for searching, screening, evaluating and even training the candidates. We would present you trained professional resources.

→ Answer Your Businesses Short-Period Needs With our temporary staffing services, you can fulfill all your organization’s staffing needs for short periods. It helps you in getting resources for a specific time frame, for example, during new or on-going project, season requirements for fulfilling the work loss due to absenteeism of a regular employee.

Why Choose Us

  • Strong and focused client relationship.
  • Experienced management team to guide & manage our consultants
  • Extensive domain expertise
  • Financial success for everyone involved.
  • Quick turnaround.
  • Progress notification.
  • Customized solutions to fit your needs
  • Presence in multiple geographical locations
  • Provide best economical solutions by leveraging Onsite – Offshore Delivery Model
  • High quality and cost effective solutions / services today and always
  • Experienced LinkedIn Certified recruiters team.
  • Dedicated team for sourcing through Social Media Channels like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

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