4 Smart Ways to Boost User Interaction on Your Website

4 Smart Ways to Boost User Interaction on Your Website

4 Smart Ways to Boost User Interaction on Your Website

The key to delivering a great user experience, improving website traffic, and growing your business – create a positive user interaction on your website. Statistics show that by far 70% of a customer’s interaction with a business happens online in a “self-service” capacity. As a business owner, the most you can do is to automate their experience and offer utmost value through an interactive website. And how do you achieve that? Here are 7 smart tips you can employ to increase user interaction on your website.

1. Live Chat to Acquire New Customers
Sending out a timely response to a potential customer goes a long way. Customer experience increases exponentially when they get quick answers to their queries rather than having to wait around. Using a live chat is not only cost effective but it also delivers an abundance of user data that can help you determine the demographics of your website traffic, their geographic location, and behaviour. All of these studies can help you strategize better and take steps toward further improving visitors’ user experience.

2. Grab Attention With Compelling Call-to-Actions (CTAs)
Strategically placed CTAs prod the visitors to take the next step! This can be subscribing, filling out a form, registering, signing-up, or even making a purchase. If you want your website to guide visitors toward taking that action and to convert, then CTAs with compelling texts and bold designs are the way to go.

3. Turn Off Autoplay on Videos
Autoplay can lead to an increased bounce rate, meaning the visitors entering the website may end up leaving it instead of viewing all the pages. A high bounce rate can pull down the website’s overall SEO score. Simply put, autoplay is annoying. A visitor might be in a quiet environment or in his string of deep thoughts when an autoplay can disrupt it all and shock the user. Instead, by turning off the autoplay you allow the user to decide for himself whether he wants to watch the video. With this little technique, you can reduce bounce rate and improve user interaction.

4. Know Your Website Visitors Better Through Surveys
Website surveys give you an opportunity to ask the right questions at the right time in a delightful and polite manner. By understanding the behaviour and expectations of your customers and what is hindering your potential customers from converting will better position you toward improving key business strategies. Such website surveys not only uncover critical insight but also increase user interaction thereby helping you acquire more customers. You will also enjoy reduced bounce rate as your visitors are now spending more time on the website filling out the form.

In Summary
Your website is the strongest digital tool in your business arsenal. However, it should focus on delivering value to your website visitors. In order to get the most out of your website investment, you must strive to continuously improve user interaction on your website by identifying and testing new opportunities. Collect and curate data by deploying intelligent tools on your website and leverage that insight in taking critical business decisions. Doing this will pave the way toward achieving business objectives and at the same time will play a key role in your company’s growth.

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