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WordPress Must Have Free Plugins For Web developer


For Improving the site speed or performance, you must have these free plug-ins in your site. And these plug-ins are easy to use for web developer.And these free plug-ins can also be used to draw attention of visitors WordPress SEO By Yoast It is an WordPress’s SEO plugin which helps us by increasing the SEO of our website. It comes with inbuilt sitemap and SIO(social integration options) Download from [Continue...]

7 Essential photoshop plugins for Web designers


Photoshop is a photo editing tool ,which has become a first choice for all the web designers .It was created in 1981 by Thomas and john knoll.This software is particularly popular amongst professional photographers, web designers and graphic designers. Photoshop include some in built features , which helps designer to make their work easily and quickly. As designer always wants to create a unique and attractive design for their [Continue...]

Professional Differences Between JPEG, GIF & PNG

When working with digital image files, it is essential to know the differences between each one, so you know when to use them. The main difference between files formats is how they are used when designing for the web and the outcome they produce. One produces highly optimized simple graphics, another is used for most images, and the third option is used for complex graphics, gradients and transparency. GIF, [Continue...]

Online Presence of Business – Growth, Development & Promotion

Best Designs – User Friendly & Professionals  Each and every business in industry needs online presence if it wants to survive for long and give a tough competition to its competitors. There are numerous benefits of having your business presence online as you get access to clients and customers even in other countries and thus helps to promote your services and products and brand to other countries as well. But for [Continue...]