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How to increase the loadtime of wordpress website?


Why the load time of sites matters? Loading speed plays a very important role in online business as you heard that the first impression becomes the last impression for the users or consumer and when the first time visitor visits our website ,then we having only a few seconds to capture their attention and to make our first impression best so that visitor would like to visit our website first .There [Continue...]

7 Essential photoshop plugins for Web designers


Photoshop is a photo editing tool ,which has become a first choice for all the web designers .It was created in 1981 by Thomas and john knoll.This software is particularly popular amongst professional photographers, web designers and graphic designers. Photoshop include some in built features , which helps designer to make their work easily and quickly. As designer always wants to create a unique and attractive design for their [Continue...]

Professional Website Design Company – Key of Your Business

A website is a really important tool for success in today's Corporate Planet and having just one stop shop we cannot spread our business worldwide. Just like a delightfully decorated and well-stocked shop attracts customers, a nicely designed and easy-to-navigate site attracts visitors and turns them into your clients. The website acts like your private platform to showcase your products or services to the whole world - you can promote your [Continue...]

Why – Title, Meta tag Keywords and Description is Important

The title tag, the Meta description and keywords tags should consist of keywords applicable to the content of the web page they describe. You should think about the length and the order of the characters/words included in each of the meta tags. Note that the search engine robots always read from left to right and those words that come first are more important than those that come towards the end [Continue...]