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Changes to Google’s Search Engine Algorithm which impacts you


Hi Everyone As you know,your expert web development team here at WebTakers IT have worked hard to bring you the best possible website at the most competitive price and in the past we’ve worked diligently to bring your website ideas to life, using the most up to date industry standard web techniques. I’m sure you will agree that we’ve really helped to enhance your web channel and we look forward [Continue...]

How to add favicon in your html website?

Webtakersit's favicon

favicon is the short form of favorite icon also known as a Web site icon ,shortcut icon, bookmark icon or tab icon .It is the little icon that will display by browsers next to a page's title on a browser tab, or next to its URL in the address bar . Does Your Site Have a Favicon? You can see that ,how much favicon is important for our websites ,its look [Continue...]

What are the steps to design a mobile website?

Now day’s customers like to work with advance technologies, and always they are not using the web for search everything, they used many devices like tablets, phones, and e book readers like Amazon’s kindle. Presently mobile device is very famous and highly demanded in market. From the last three year, we have seen the mobile revolution become a sizable impact on nearly every industry. Mostly customers use their mobile devices to [Continue...]