Mar 26 2015

How to increase the loadtime of wordpress website?

Why the load time of sites matters?

Loading speed plays a very important role in online business as you heard that the first impression becomes the last impression for the users or consumer and when the first time visitor visits our website ,then we having only a few seconds to capture their attention and to make our first impression best so that visitor would like to visit our website first .There is a shocking relation between the site speed and the conversion rate, which is particularly true for e-commerce sites.
According to an online consumer or visitor point of view :-
50% of online consumer or visitor expect to load a web page in less than or equal to 2 seconds.
41% of people will dump those site whose web page loading time is more than 3 seconds.
80% of online customers are not interested to return to a slow website.
Benefits of a faster website are numerous or we can say that countless .

But the main advantages of better speed are:-

  • Better User experience
  • Improved Ranking in SEO
  • Conversion rates become high

You can also check the speed of your own website:-

Before doing any changes to your websites you can first check the loading speed of your own website.There are many speed testing tool available, from web services to browser extensions.

The top most tools are:-

  • Google PageSpeed Insights
  • Pingdom Website Speed Test
  • YSlow browser extension

All four tools having similar features . They will give you both measurements and scores and at the same time they will also suggest you the area of improvement.


Fig.1-How to test the speed of Website

result copy


After discussing why speed matters and how to check your website speed we come to our main topic that is How we can increase the loading time of wordpress website?


It’s one of the primary technique of reducing database load and speeding up WordPress
websites. Mainly there are two types of cache plugin:-

• Server-side caching
• Client-side caching


This caching is produce by our visitor’s browsers. It’s means that whenever visitor visite website,then browsers will store a static data,such as images ,CSS and javascript which our website contains.It simply serves the data from the local cache.That’s why it is suggested to clean your browser’s cache once in a week,it will saves a lot of saves and improve speeding.The process of reusing the cached data from the client’s end is known as client side caching and almost every modern website uses it and every browser supports it.


Fig.1 Client -side Caching


Server side caching are of four types, first is page caching which normally saves page as Html files which
generally stores in Harddisk or RAM. Second is Database Caching which means storing of database queries to
local storage.The aim of a database is to store,update and deliver data professionally.Third is object caching,which stores expensive data queries in the memory generally internal API’s.

WordPress Plugins:-
W3 Total cache:- It is the second most popular plugin. And the first most popular plugin is W3 Super Cache.


A cache plugin is an absolute must have plugin that cache’s the mostly visited pages on your website and make them available to the next visitor immediately. The plugin generates html files which are served without ever invoking a single line of PHP. Hypercache is a very lightweight caching option and is great for people on shared web hosting.

Ways to speed –up the loading time of your websites:-

    • You can use W3 total cache caching plugin
    • Remove Inactive plugins
    • Keep your wordpress version up-to-date
    • Wash out your buffer:-you can use this code to flush your buffer ,open your file and
      after write
    • add an expire header
      It is a way to specify a time so that the clients (browsers) don’t have to re-fetch any static content (such as css file,
      javascript, images etc).This helps you to cut the load time significantly for our regular users.

      You just need to copy and paste the following code in your .htaccess file:

      ExpiresActive On
      ExpiresByType image/gif A2592000
      ExpiresByType image/png A2592000
      ExpiresByType image/jpg A2592000
      ExpiresByType image/jpeg A2592000

      The above mentioned numbers are set for a month (in seconds), you can change them according to your need.

    • squeeze your CSS ,Html and javascript code
    • Adjust the size of images :-you can simply adjust the size of images by W3 smushIt plugin,which is totally free
    • Turn-off inter blog communication
    • Database optimization:-You can optimize you database by W3 optimize plugin
    • You can replace PHP, with static html whenever necessary


These are some tips to speed up the wordpress websites. I hope this will help you to end your problem.
Optimizing your site can make a big difference in site speed, encouraging visitor to hang on our site


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