Apr 16 2015

Essential photoshop shortcut keys to increase your work flow


This list of photoshop’s shortcuts, will definitely help you to speed up your workflow. This list includes selecting layers, saving ,text ,brushes and many more.Some times simple tasks can become an obstacle in our workflow.


Move Tool : V

Rectangular Marquee Tool :M

Elliptical Marquee Tool :M

Lasso Tool : L

Polygonal Lasso Tool : L

Magnetic Lasso Tool : L

Quick Selection Tool : W

Magic Wand Tool :W

Eyedropper Tool : I

3D Material Eyedropper Tool : I

Color Sampler Tool :I

Ruler Tool : I

Note Tool : I

Count Tool : I

Crop Tool : C

Perspective Crop Tool :C

Slice Tool : C

Slice Select Tool : C

Spot Healing Brush Tool : J

Healing Brush Tool : J

Patch Tool : J

Content-Aware Move Tool :J

Red Eye Tool :J

Brush Tool : B

Pencil Tool : B

Color Replacement Tool : B

Mixer Brush Tool : B

Clone Stamp Tool : S

Pattern Stamp Tool : S

History Brush Tool : Y

Art History Brush Tool : Y

Eraser Tool : E

Background Eraser Tool : E

Magic Eraser Tool: E

Gradient Tool : G

Paint Bucket Tool : G

3D Material Drop Tool : G

Dodge Tool :O

Burn Tool :O

Sponge Tool :O

Pen Tool : P

Freeform Pen Tool : P

Horizontal Type Tool : T

Vertical Type Tool : T

Horizontal Type Mask Tool : T

Vertical Type Mask Tool : T

Path Selection Tool : A

Direct Selection Tool : A

Rectangle Tool : U

Rounded Rectangle Tool : U

Ellipse Tool : U

Polygon Tool : U

Line Tool : U

Custom Shape Tool : U

Hand Tool : H

Rotate View Tool : R

Zoom Tool : Z

Default Foreground/Background Colors : D

Switch Foreground/Background Colors : X

Toggle Standard/Quick Mask Modes :Q

Toggle Screen Modes : F

Toggle Preserve Transparency : (/)


Fill a layer :Alt+Delete (foreground) or Ctrl+Delete (background)

Flatten layers :Ctrl+Alt+Shift+E

Merge visible Layers :Ctrl+Shift+E

New layer via copy :Ctrl+J

New layer via cut :Ctrl+Shift+J

Bring layer to top :Ctrl+Shift+]

Send layer to bottom :Ctrl+Shift+[

Bring layer forward :WINDOWS: Ctrl+]

Send layer back :WINDOWS: Ctrl+[

Copy multiple layers :WINDOWS: Shift+Ctrl+C


Reselect :Ctrl+Shift+D

Invert selection :Ctrl+Shift+I

Select all layers :Ctrl+Alt+A

Select bottom layer:Alt+Comma(,)

Select top layer :Alt+Point(.)

Deselect from the selection area :Alt+drag

Deselect all but the intersected area :Shift+Alt+drag

Deselect the entire image :Ctrl+D

Move a selection :Spacebar+Marquee Tool

Select a colour from an image :Alt+Brush Tool


Increase & decrease brush size :]/[

Fill :Shift+F5

Increase & decrease brush hardness : }/{

Previous/next :(,/.)

First/last : ( < & >)


Save for web & devices :Ctrl+Shift+Alt+S

Save :Ctrl+S


Free Transform :Ctrl+T

Create clipping mask :Ctrl+Alt+G

Change image size :Ctrl+Alt+i

View actual pixels :Ctrl+Alt+0

Fit on screen : Ctrl+0

Zoom in :Ctrl+plus(+)

Zoom out :Ctrl+minus(-)


Increase/decrease size of selected text by 2pts :Ctrl+Shift+(>/<)

Increase/decrease size of selected text by 10pts :Ctrl+Alt+Shift+(>/<)

Increase/decrease space :Alt+Right/Left Arrow

Align text :Ctrl+Shift+L/C/R

Show/Hide selection: Ctrl+H

Increase your workflow by using these shortcuts.


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