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100 Essential Fonts for Professional and Personal Use


Each time when designer wants to design a new project ,then the designer has to face the big problem i.e a lack of finest materials, such as fonts, icons, images etc.So, today we come up with 100 free fonts that you can download from below links:- V.GER Grotesque    click here to download Maw   click here to download Broken Record   click here to [Continue...]

How can I make a custom font viewable on different PCs?

The problem with web fonts is that no one wants to use the ‘safe’ fonts and you need as much live text on your site as possible. So what’s a designer to do?  There are multitudinous of options. Unique fonts are amazing and up until a year or two ago the only system to accomplish unique typography was to embed them in images on your site. As semantic markup becomes more important to browser compatibility [Continue...]