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How to Keep your blog safe from comment spam?


It’s a fact that now a days everyone want to connect with their audience, whether they having lifestyle, Legal or an accounting blog. if they don’t comment on your blog, it will really hard to know that people like your article or not. But along with comments you’ll find spam posts which are distracting annoying and risky too. Google decrease your blog rank SERP (Search Engine Result Page). So [Continue...]

100 Essential Fonts for Professional and Personal Use


Each time when designer wants to design a new project ,then the designer has to face the big problem i.e a lack of finest materials, such as fonts, icons, images etc.So, today we come up with 100 free fonts that you can download from below links:- V.GER Grotesque    click here to download Maw   click here to download Broken Record   click here to [Continue...]

Essential photoshop shortcut keys to increase your work flow


This list of photoshop's shortcuts, will definitely help you to speed up your workflow. This list includes selecting layers, saving ,text ,brushes and many more.Some times simple tasks can become an obstacle in our workflow. Tools Move Tool : V Rectangular Marquee Tool :M Elliptical Marquee Tool :M Lasso Tool : L Polygonal Lasso Tool : L Magnetic Lasso Tool : L Quick Selection Tool : W Magic Wand Tool :W Eyedropper Tool : I 3D Material Eyedropper [Continue...]

How to increase the loadtime of wordpress website?


Why the load time of sites matters? Loading speed plays a very important role in online business as you heard that the first impression becomes the last impression for the users or consumer and when the first time visitor visits our website ,then we having only a few seconds to capture their attention and to make our first impression best so that visitor would like to visit our website first .There [Continue...]

15 Premium Dark Joomla Templates

Bootstrap Responsive Joomla Template

15 Premium Dark Joomla Templates The following Joomla templates have been developed by – the largest provider of tempaltes on the market for 10 years. These responsive templates are viewable on any device, from laptop screens to mobile phones. No matter whether users are viewing these templates from home on their computers or on the go on a tablet, they will be able to see the websites the way [Continue...]

Importance of Navigation in web site design

Navigation is one of the most essential element to create the easily reached and user friendly website. Good navigation is need for creating excellent web design; in present user wants to find information easily on your website. Create a website that a change visitor into long term customers is the goal of any business website. If you want to make a website for your business, make sure that your website design [Continue...]

HTML5 + UX Advance Code

HTML5 + UX Advance Code

With help of html 5 + UX code u can easily add the ordered and unordered list in your web page. View here are try to use: For Download Click Here The HTML5 + UX series combines HTML5, CSS3, and recent JavaScript API technologies to enhance your web projects with interactivity and multimedia. It shows how to create a basic to-do list widget with an editable field so users can enter their tasks [Continue...]

Website Redesign

Hello All, I am thinking to redesign the site.. Still I haven't decided with the home page. I have made inner page.. Kindly check and share your comments if any improvement required.. I used the old site concept improve the color and body part. if any one not like it then tell me reason and if any suggestion for improve any particular area then give me reference site [Continue...]