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How to add favicon in your html website?

Webtakersit's favicon

favicon is the short form of favorite icon also known as a Web site icon ,shortcut icon, bookmark icon or tab icon .It is the little icon that will display by browsers next to a page's title on a browser tab, or next to its URL in the address bar . Does Your Site Have a Favicon? You can see that ,how much favicon is important for our websites ,its look [Continue...]

Ways to Learn Web Design: Which Is Right for You?


Now days, there are lots of ways for creating a website design.  Many times Web designers have to play many roles and you should be very experienced about creating effective and usable site layouts. You will gain knowledge of More things in web design comes from work experience; learning is an iterative method and there is no anther best way to increase knowledge than to make mistakes (and then and knowledge [Continue...]