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Canonical Issue Fixed Up

Canonical Issue

Canonical tag is formed to avoid the problem of content duplication. The Google mark website with www.your and your as carbon copy so to avoid this canonical tag is used on home page. The syntax is as below:- <link rel="canonical" href="your main URL" /> When a web page of your website is being opened or accessed with multiple URL’s so it would be considered as a canonical issue and Google [Continue...]

“H1 Tags Improve Search Engine Placement”

H1 Tag, Heading Tag, Search Engine Tag, Raise Your Website Ranking.

Let’s Start With Heading Tag The theory Google is trying to promote as a good training. For that, we should have all of our content arranged in what is called "semantic HTML", then all the fashion should be twisted using CSS. Semantic HTML is a way to give content importance. If content is organised in a semantic way, Google indexing is much better, because it uses unique algorithms for content talent. Words [Continue...]

Why – Title, Meta tag Keywords and Description is Important

The title tag, the Meta description and keywords tags should consist of keywords applicable to the content of the web page they describe. You should think about the length and the order of the characters/words included in each of the meta tags. Note that the search engine robots always read from left to right and those words that come first are more important than those that come towards the end [Continue...]

Image Tag – More Business More Visitors

Everyone wants more and more population on his/her website. We use new tricks to get this like posting blogs, links and publish images. The most important step is publishing Keywords. These keywords can be use in your blogs to show up in the search and lead a lot of visitors to your site. Let us see how to tag your image to get on reward. It’s very easy and it takes [Continue...]