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Changes to Google’s Search Engine Algorithm which impacts you


Hi Everyone As you know,your expert web development team here at WebTakers IT have worked hard to bring you the best possible website at the most competitive price and in the past we’ve worked diligently to bring your website ideas to life, using the most up to date industry standard web techniques. I’m sure you will agree that we’ve really helped to enhance your web channel and we look forward [Continue...]

How to increase the loadtime of wordpress website?


Why the load time of sites matters? Loading speed plays a very important role in online business as you heard that the first impression becomes the last impression for the users or consumer and when the first time visitor visits our website ,then we having only a few seconds to capture their attention and to make our first impression best so that visitor would like to visit our website first .There [Continue...]

Google webmaster tools help to increase website ranking?


What is Google Webmaster Tools?         Google webmasters Tools is a free set of easy tools from Google which allow you to see how your website appears to Google and which page are indexed. To get started you first need to add your site to Google Webmaster Tools and verify you’re in fact the webmaster of your site. If you want to increase your website ranking you can use Google webmaster tools. Google [Continue...]